Inside MRBF

  • New Grants Announced

    Congratulations to our new and returning grantee partners!

    The Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation's Board of Directors approved the following grants at their June meeting:

    ACCION Texas Inc. Grant: $75,000

    Alabama Citizens for Constitutional Reform Foundation Grant: $150,000


  • Meet Our Guest Bloggers

    Beginning this month Southern Currents will be home to a group of guest bloggers representing MRBF grantee partners. These dynamic Southern leaders will be sharing lessons learned, providing insights on successful strategies and new ways of working, and giving their perspectives on what's 'next' for their communities and organizations.

    Jason Bailey...

  • Getting to Collective Impact

    Earlier this year the Foundation Review published an article featuring a case study of collective impact from MRBF's work with the Central Appalachian Network (CAN). Below is an excerpt with links to the full article.

    Getting to Collective Impact: How Funders Can Contribute Over the Life Course of the Work Author: Douglas Easterling, Ph....
  • The Path Ahead

    How does one fill the shoes of someone that has built an outstanding organization that positively impacted people and organizations across the Southeast for almost 20 years? Of course, the only answer to that question is that you don’t. You have to forget about filling someone else’s shoes and get your feet firmly planted in your own....

  • Sustaining State Policy Infrastructure for Impact on Poverty

    The lives of individuals and the quality of life in all communities are affected directly by state legislative and administrative policy.

    Given the Babcock Foundation’s mission of helping people and places in the Southeastern U.S. move out of poverty, we support organizations throughout our region who advocate with low-wealth people on state policies driving education,...