Inside MRBF

  • Supporting the Messengers of Change

    Policy change can’t happen without constructive public discourse and influence. Getting to that influence involves persuasive conversations and well-framed messages. Policy organizations must reach and effectively communicate to diverse audiences, and continually deliver compelling data and narratives in order to achieve their desired outcomes. At its very core,...

  • Supporting the Messengers of Change

    In 2013, the Babcock Foundation chose to examine the strategic communications capacity of its policy grantees, with an understanding that this capacity is closely tied to their effectiveness as advocates for policies that move people and places out of poverty. The following report released publicly in March of 2014 details MRBF's findings and contains a set of recommendations for supporting...

  • New Grants Announced

    Congratulations to our new and returning grantee partners!

    The Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation's Board of Directors approved the following grants at their Februrary meeting:

    American Prospect Alabama Coalition for Immigrant Justice (ACIJ) Mountain Association for Community Economic Development (MACED)

    Visit our GRANTS section to learn more about our grantee...
  • Boosting Nonprofit Communication Capacity

    When you get right to the heart of it, communications is about creating conversations. We learn from them, we share in them, and ideally, everyone benefits when they happen. It's why Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation Communications Officer Lora Smith, and I went to the Communications Network conference in New Orleans last week.

 It only makes sense that foundation grantees should reap the same...