Taylor Chapman

Program Associate
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Taylor Chapman provides programmatic and administrative support to MRBF’s network officers, and guidance to current and potential grantee partners.

Before joining the Foundation, Taylor served as a graduate assistant in the Women’s and Gender Studies Program at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. She directed summer camps with Full Circles Foundation, an organization that empowers girls to build a fair economy and a healthy earth. She also completed an internship at Greensboro’s New Arrivals Institute, an organization helping immigrants and refugees transition into the community.

Taylor grew up poor in the Appalachian foothills of North Carolina. Her class background ignited her curiosity about unjust systems and how to dismantle them. Her people taught her the importance of grit and loving one another. Taylor is a first-generation college student and earned her master's degree in Women’s and Gender Studies at UNCG. She focused primarily on body politics, racial justice, disability and crip theory (a field of study that interrogates which bodies are constructed as “normal,” “valuable” and “desirable”) and necropolitics (the study of social/political/economic systems of power that determine who has a right to live and who must die). Her research made connections between anti-Blackness and fatphobia and asserted that bias does more than harm – it kills. When she's not waxing poetic about social justice issues and the macabre, Taylor loves to read, work on DIY projects and go to concerts.