Mission Investing

  • Changing the Conversation: How GBPI Helps Shape the Policy Debate

    The scene is an early October forum in suburban Atlanta. A gathering of conservative Georgia lawmakers who focus on education issues pose a challenge to the people at the meeting – help us make the case it is time to raise state taxes for the sake of our schoolchildren.

    Whoa. What did they just say?

    Not many of Georgia’s elected officials publicly broach the...

  • Getting to Collective Impact

    Earlier this year the Foundation Review published an article featuring a case study of collective impact from MRBF's work with the Central Appalachian Network (CAN). Below is an excerpt with links to the full article.

    Getting to Collective Impact: How Funders Can Contribute Over the Life Course of the Work Author: Douglas Easterling, Ph....
  • Investing in the American Dream

    Speaking on the panel, "Social Investing: So What is a CDFI and Why Are They Important to Communities?" at the Southeastern Council of Foundation 's Annual Meeting, Grace Fricks, CEO of ACE Loans told the audience, "The American Dream isn't possible for any of us if it's not possible for low-income people."
    Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs) like...
  • Community Development Financial Institutions: A Study on Growth and Sustainability

    The Babcock Foundation occasionally commissions learning papers to increase our board and staff knowledge of various pathways out of poverty, with a focus on the Southeastern United States. This study was released in June 2011 to inform organizational thinking about the challenges and opportunities facing community development financial institutions (CDFIs).

    CDFIs are for-...