Mission Investing

  • How Small Foundations Can Achieve Outsized Impact

    A foundation doesn’t need a large staff to make program-related investments (PRIs) that advance its mission. Investing through intermediaries l ike c ommunity development financial institutions (CDFIs) can increase philanthropic impact by generating measurable benefits and modest financial returns while recycling philanthropic capital.

    With their expertise for re-lending and...

  • Work & Worth: Building Healthy Communities

    The South Carolina Association for Community Economic Development is a statewide network of nonprofits, financial institutions, local governments and businesses focused on underserved areas, from urban centers to the rural countryside.

    SCACED works through its members to strengthen communities. One is the Center for Heirs' Property Preservation , which prevents low-wealth heirs’...

  • Building Healthy Communities in South Carolina

    After days of contentious and emotional arguments, South Carolina’s political leaders decided to remove the Confederate flag from the capitol grounds. One lawmaker opened the debate in the House by reading aloud the names of nine parishioners murdered inside Charleston's Emanuel AME Church. The man charged with killing them apparently posted a manifesto featuring photographs of himself...

    Bernie Mazyck
  • Remembering Sandy Rosenblith

    Rural America lost one of its most tenacious champions with the death of Sandy Rosenblith last month. She was one of the most effective, difficult people I have ever known.

    She understood how important place-based change is to low-wealth communities, and that strong, resident-led organizations are key to creating jobs, housing, financial services and the other things people...

    Sandy Rosenblith
  • Justin Maxson: MACED's Approach

    From 2002 to 2015, Justin Maxson served as President of the Mountain Association for Community Economic Development in Kentucky, where he supported and generated innovative development strategies, including small enterprise lending and technical assistance solutions, energy efficiency support strategies and targeted research and policy efforts aimed at creating benefits for low-to-moderate...