Democracy/Civic Engagement

  • Remembering Sandy Rosenblith

    Rural America lost one of its most tenacious champions with the death of Sandy Rosenblith last month. She was one of the most effective, difficult people I have ever known.

    She understood how important place-based change is to low-wealth communities, and that strong, resident-led organizations are key to creating jobs, housing, financial services and the other things people...

    Sandy Rosenblith
  • Race, Community Engagement and an Integrated Dance

    HBO debuted a documentary this month that set out to tell the story of a Georgia high school’s first integrated prom but uncovered a hornet’s nest of racial conflict. “ Southern Rites ” focused on Montgomery County as students merged their “white prom” and “black prom,” sparking bitter backlash from many residents who didn’t take kindly to the disruption of the status quo. A New York Times...

    Daa'iyah Salaam
  • Southern Women, Southern Justice

    There is so much more to Mother’s Day than flowers and chocolates. The modern-day celebration of motherhood traces its roots to a 19 th -century women’s disarmament movement. Today, women are joining forces to tackle a wide array of issues, including growing economic disparity. Poverty among women is at historic levels, significantly higher than those for men. The numbers are even higher for...

  • Ashley Shelton: Lift All Boats

    Ashley Shelton launched the Louisiana office of One Voice, an organization created in response to housing, education, civil rights, and policy advocacy needs in the wake of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. One Voice fosters public engagement, provides access to data for policy analysis and builds alliances with partners and supporters committed to building a strong, informed electorate.


  • Mayra Rangel: Evolution of ACIJ

    At age 16, Mayra Rangel walked through the desert for six days to escape poverty and find a job to support her family back in Mexico. Her activism began in 2011 when the Alabama legislature passed HB56, the nation’s strictest immigration law. She helped the Alabama Coalition for Immigrant Justice defeat many parts of the bill. Since then, she has continued to volunteer, organize, register...

    Mayra Rangel