Capacity Building

  • Hollis Watkins: Funding Southern Organizations

    A veteran of the civil rights movement, Hollis Watkins founded Southern Echo, a leadership development, education and training organization working to develop effective, accountable grassroots leadership in rural Mississippi and the surrounding region.

    Watkins and Southern Echo have been instrumental in challenging redistricting in Mississippi, protecting communities from landfills and...

    Hollis Watkins
  • Bill Kopsky: Context & Strategy in Arkansas

    Bill Kopsky became Executive Director of the Arkansas Public Policy Panel in 1999. The Panel helps Arkansans improve their communities and develop policy solutions by taking collective action and building coalitions. In 1998, it organized the Arkansas Citizens First Congress, a coalition of 58 community organizations advocating for progressive policy change in Arkansas. The organizations...

    Bill Kopsky
  • Supporting the Messengers of Change

    In 2013, the Babcock Foundation chose to examine the strategic communications capacity of its policy grantees, with an understanding that this capacity is closely tied to their effectiveness as advocates for policies that move people and places out of poverty. The following report released publicly in March of 2014 details MRBF's findings and contains a set of recommendations for supporting...