Meet Our New Associate Network Officer

The staff and board of the Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation are excited to welcome Elena Conley as our new Associate Network Officer.  As the Associate Network Officer, Elena is responsible for the coordination of existing and new Foundation relationships in specific states and the management of a related grants portfolio.  Her role also means she serves as a member of the Program Team where she engages with all grant and program activities.  

Elena, a native of Boulder, Colorado, moved to North Carolina in 2006 to attend Guilford College where she majored in Sociology and Anthropology. Prior to joining the Foundation, Elena was a community organizer with the Beloved Community Center in Greensboro, NC . Elena is new to philanthropy and excited to meet, learn from and collaborate with MRBF's many grantee partners and colleagues.  

 Here's a little bit  more about Elena  in her own words:

Q: What out of your previous work experiences do you think will help you in your new role?

I believe there are two things that will most help me in my new position. First is my work building and understanding the key role networks play in creating effective, long-term change.  Second, I think my deep understanding of community and my values around the importance of building strong inclusive communities will serve me well. 

Q: What do you think you have the most to learn about?

I bring a lot of on the ground nonprofit and organizing experience to the table. However, I have not worked in the philanthropic sector before. I am looking forward to learning how to blend and build relationships between those two worlds in a way that supports and furthers the work of Babcock and our grantees.

Q: What excites you about your new role at MRBF?

I am most excited for the opportunity to learn about and support another area that is vital to helping create social change.  I came to Babcock because of their approach to working with communities and grantees. I truly believe in Babcock's collaborative approach to partnerships and grantmaking.  Additionally, I am beyond excited to have the privilege to work with a dynamic staff who bring years of experience supporting social change and lasting outcomes in communities across the Southeast. 




Very proud of this young lady and I am certain that the Babcock Foundation will benefit greatly from her commitment, initiative and hard work. Congratulations to both Elena and MR Babcock Foundation.

I know her as a great organizer. She will bring value to the organization. She's definitely organized/very efficient. She truly cares about people and seeks ways to make a difference in the community

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