• Reflections on a Decade of Building Just and Caring Communities

    Building just and caring communities in the South was the stated mission of the Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation from 1994 to 2005. In 2004, the Board of Directors and staff of the Foundation undertook a time of reflection to assess the overall picture of progress and to examine the work the Foundation and its grantees had undertaken in the previous decade. The goal was to capture as much...

  • A Look Inside Our 2004 Planning Process

    During 2004, the Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation took an in-depth look at its place among the people and landscape of the Southeastern United States. We did this at a key time in the Foundation’s history – the 50th year since its founding and a decade since the Foundation adopted a strategic mission to address poverty and racism in the South. This report describes our 2004 learning,...

  • Building the Capacity of Networks to Achieve Systems Change

    In recent years, the Babcock Foundation has adopted an intentional approach to strengthen networks involving grantees and other partners. This approach includes developing the "network officer" role as a companion to traditional program officer roles. This article originally appeared in the Foundation...

  • Learning and Crafting Strategy at the Babcock Foundation

    For almost 20 years, we have set overall Foundation strategy in two decade-long cycles. This brief newsletter article describes our practice and underlying assumptions about learning and foundation strategy. This article originally appeared in a Philanthropy New Zealand newsletter.

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