• Meet Our New Associate Network Officer

    The staff and board of the Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation are excited to welcome Elena Conley as our new Associate Network Officer. As the Associate Network Officer, Elena is responsible for the...

    Elena Conley
  • Supporting the Messengers of Change

    Policy change can’t happen without constructive public discourse and influence. Getting to that influence involves persuasive conversations and well-framed messages. Policy organizations must reach and effectively communicate to diverse audiences, and continually deliver compelling data and narratives in order to achieve their desired outcomes. At its very core,...

  • New Grants Announced

    Congratulations to our new and returning grantee partners!

    The Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation's Board of Directors approved the following grants at their Februrary meeting:

    American Prospect Alabama Coalition for Immigrant Justice (ACIJ) Mountain Association for Community Economic Development (MACED)

    Visit our GRANTS section to learn more about our grantee...
  • Changing the Conversation: How GBPI Helps Shape the Policy Debate

    The scene is an early October forum in suburban Atlanta. A gathering of conservative Georgia lawmakers who focus on education issues pose a challenge to the people at the meeting – help us make the case it is time to raise state taxes for the sake of our schoolchildren.

    Whoa. What did they just say?

    Not many of Georgia’s elected officials publicly broach the...

  • Out of the Ashes of the Coal Economy, a Bright Future?

    The last couple of years have brought substantial new economic challenges to Appalachian Kentucky. Already saddled with being one of the poorest regions in the country, mountain communities are being hit hard by steep layoffs in the coal industry. Since 2011, eastern Kentucky has lost more than 5,700 good-paying coal mining jobs. That’s a loss of 42% of the area’s coal workforce.