New Grants Announced

Lora Smith

Congratulations to our new and returning grantee partners! 

The Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation's Board of Directors approved the following grants at their October meeting:

Alabama Appleseed for Law & Justice   Grant: $150,000

Alabama Asset Building Coalition   Grant: $150,000

Appalachian Institute for Renewable Energy   Grant: $50,000

Appalachian Sustainable Development   Grant: $170,000

Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families  Grant: $100,000

Arkansas Public Policy Panel   Grant: $300,000

Blueprint NC   Grant: $200,000

Community Farm Alliance   Grant: $100,000

CommunityWorks Carolina   Grant: $150,000

The Federation of Southern Cooperatives   Grant: $100,000

The Foundation for the MidSouth   Grant: $100,000

Georgia Justice Project    Grant: $150,000

Greenville Region Workforce Collaborative   Grant: $100,000

Hope Enterprise Corporation    Grant: $400,000

Low Income Housing Coalition of Alabama   Grant: $40,000

Mid South Delta Local Initiatives Support   Grant: $200,000

Moore Community House   Grant: $100,000

Neighborhood Housing Services of New Orleans  Grant: $100,000

New Hope Enterprises    Grant: $50,000

New Orleans Neighborhood Development Foundation    Grant: $150,000

ProGeorgia    Grant: $30,000

Southern Echo, Inc.    Grant: $150,000

Southern Rural Black Women's Initiative    Grant: $150,000

Sustain Floyd Foundation, Inc.    Grant: $34,044

West Virginia Community Development Hub   Grant: $75,000

West Virginia Healthy Kids and Families Coalition  Grant: $10,000

To learn more about these organizations and meet all of our current grantees, visit the Grants section.



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