Justin Maxson: Generational Transition

Susanna Hegner

From 2002 to 2015, Justin Maxson served as President of the Mountain Association for Community Economic Development in Kentucky, where he supported and generated innovative development strategies, including small enterprise lending and technical assistance solutions, energy efficiency support strategies and targeted research and policy efforts aimed at creating benefits for low-to-moderate income people and communities.

Before joining MACED, Maxson served as Executive Director of the Progressive Technology Project, an organization that offers technical assistance and grant support to grassroots social change efforts.

Maxson has also been a yearlong fellow at the Sustainability Institute and the Rockwood Leadership Institute. He served at the Kentucky Governor’s request on the Kentucky Climate Action Planning Committee and the planning committee for Shaping Our Appalachian Region, a regional development planning process. He has a master’s degree in anthropology from Boston University.

Maxson is now the Executive Director of the Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation.

In this video, Maxson explains why supporting young leaders is vital to the health of a community.