Daa'iyah Salaam: Racial Inequity and Economic Development

Susanna Hegner

For five years, Daa’iyah Salaam served as Business Development Specialist for the Southwest Georgia Project, an organization founded in 1961 to educate, engage and empower through advocacy and community organizing. The organization has successfully addressed school segregation, welfare rights, voter rights and education, housing, land loss, economic development and unfair policies affecting school children and families.

Salaam led the organization’s first Farm to School Program. She helped train farmers and connect them with resources and larger buyers, including restaurants and school districts. 

Before joining SWGAP, Salaam was an academic consultant for the Albany State University College of Business. She also worked as Interim Community Services Manager for the Albany Department of Community and Economic Development. Salaam has served on the boards of several organizations. She holds a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from Albany State University. 

In this clip, Salaam talks about ways SWGAP broaches the often delicate subject of race relations.